SPLC Art and Craft Fair

Calling All Artists and Crafters!

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (SPLC) is sponsoring the SPLC Art and Craft Fair on July 16, 2016, during Watertown’s Annual Rails to Trails FestivalThis event will be held on the parade route, so will attract a lot of foot traffic.  Exhibitors will be able to purchase a 10’x10’ booth space for $25.  St. Paul’s will provide the space, but exhibitors will be responsible for providing their own canopy/tent, tables, chairs and electrical source.  This is not a juried event; however, we will make every effort to minimize duplication of vendors.

To apply, please complete the following information and send it to SPLC_Art_Craft_Fair@charter.net or to :
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Outreach Team
PO Box 697
505 Westminster Ave.
Watertown, MN 55388.

 Artist/Crafter Application

Name: ____________________________________________
Number of Booth Spaces requested: _______

Fees: $25.00 per 10’x10” Booth Space
Business Name:____________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________
City: ___________________________  State: ________  Zip: _______
Bus Phone: _____________________   Mobile: ___________________
Email: _______________________________
MN Sales Tax Permit: _________________

Art/Craft Item(s) Description:__________________________________

DO NOT SEND YOUR REGISTRATION FEE AT THIS TIME.  Upon receipt of your application, the Event Committee will review your application to limit duplication of exhibitors.  If your application is approved, you will be contacted by the Committee and at that time you MUST submit the following to complete your registration.

*Copy of your Operator Certificate of Compliance (ST-19).

*Check in the amount of $25 per 10’x10’ booth space, made payable to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and mailed to the above address.

Please send inquiries to SPLC_Art_Craft_Fair@charter.net

Please remember this is an application to participate and does not ensure approval of registration.

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