May 2022

The Tao

There is a saying of the Tao that has captured my imagination. Taoism is a system of oriental philosophy that dates from the sixth century B.C.  It is contained in a book of eighty-one sayings –roughly 5,000 words which have influenced Chinese thought and culture for centuries.  It’s … Continue Reading

LHM – May 2022 Message


Many people today picture God in various ways.  Some see God as an old Grandpa sitting in His rocking chair stroking His long white beard. Others picture God as a stern judge always watching.   Do you think God is waiting for you to do something wrong?   God wants … Continue Reading

April 2022

Carpe Diem

Horace (65-8 B.C.) was the first to use the phrase “Carpe deim” made popular a some years ago by Robin Williams in the film, Dead Poets Society.  What Horace actually said was: “Seize the day, put no trust in the morrow!” 

Despite the rash of Carpe deim sweatshirts and T-shirts, Americans have … Continue Reading