July 2022

In the late 1800s an Italian philosopher/mathematician by the name of Vilfredo Frederico Pareto postulated: In cause and effect, the majority of the effects can be attributed to the minority of the causes.  This principle for which he is best known is popularly known as the rule of 80/20.

Pareto … Continue Reading

LHM – July 2022 Message


Jesus promised He would ask God to send another helper to His followers.   This helper, Jesus said would be with them forever.  The Holy Spirit, sent by God the Father and His Son would continue the Father’s work on Earth.   The days following Pentecost Sunday focus on Jesus’ life and … Continue Reading

June 2022


A common greeting in Christ’s day was the Hebrew word “Shalom.” The single word “Peace” worked equally well for “Hello” and “Goodbye” and is even now preferable to the vacuous “Have a nice Day.”   Common greetings have a way of becoming devalued.  For example, Goodbye has the wonderful … Continue Reading

LHM – June 2022 Message


The disciples were probably alarmed about the news that Jesus was leaving them.  Jesus’ ministry on Earth would soon come to an end, and He would go to His Father in Heaven. Jesus said ”In My Father’s house are many rooms.

If I go to prepare a place for you,  … Continue Reading