LHM – June 2016 Message

What does the future hold?  Hard to tell.  But we know WHO holds the future.

It’s the Lord, of course.  He is Lord of all creation and retains that role as He sustains His creation.  In wisdom have You made your works all; the earth is full of your creations…these all look to You.  Bless the Lord, Praise the Lord.

If more people knew of His presence and goodness, would they become part of His Body of Believers?  While it is the Holy Spirit who brings faith into the hearts of people, we are the humble conveyors of His Word of Law and Grace.  How will they hear unless someone tells them?

The need for sharing God’s Word is as near as your friend, your neighbor, your son, your daughter, your spouse, and anyone else with whom you share your moments during the day.

The question is simple, HOW will you reach them?

How do you do it?  Kindly, Compassionately.  Sometimes sternly, but always with the true conviction and Scriptural certainty.  YOU are the living example for some people, perhaps more than you realize.  As you meet people this day, give them a good word in the Lord.  Give them a blessing from your heart.  Remember them in prayer.  Send them a card.  Send them an e-mail.  Share a smile.  Offer a helping hand.

Your hands reach out with the love of God.  Your smile is His when His Word is in you and shared through you.  Remember the Lutheran Hour Ministries and look forward to seeing how the Lord will work through us.

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