Lutheran Women’s Missionary League

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML)  – St Peter Mission Society

The overall purpose of LWML is:

  1. To promote and further Christian love through the study of the Bible and other Christian topics;
  2. To foster Christian fellowship;
  3. To do the work of Christian charity;
  4. To assist in the work of the home congregation through endeavors that shall be controlled by God’s word and Christian principles.

The mission of the St Peter Mission Society is to touch all people with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and enable all women to use their God-given gifts in the service of their Lord.


The St Peter Mission Society currently has nine active members.  We are one of nine societies that make up the North Carver Zone.  There are twenty-four zones and eight conferences in the Minnesota South District.  There are forty-one districts with over 200,000 women in the International LWML.

The St Peter Mission Society meets quarterly. Meetings are at 7:00 pm on the second Thursday of March, June and September. The fourth meeting is on the first Saturday of December (time varies).

The North Carver Zone has a “Rally” twice per year while the conference has a rally every other year.  The MN South District has a convention during the even numbered years, and the National LWML has a convention during the odd numbered years.  Rallies, workshops and conventions are very inspirational and well worth the time spent attending them.

To become a member of St Peter’s Mission Society, you must be a female Communicant member of our congregation.  All Mission Society members automatically become members of the LWML.  We do ask for annual dues to help defray the cost of supplies and a magazine received quarterly by each member.  The Lutheran Women’s Quarterly magazine is a LWML publication filled with helpful articles, words of wisdom and various topics and bible studies.

The St Peter Mission Society offers opportunities to grow spiritually and use our talents to God’s glory.  Please consider becoming a member and sharing in the joy of serving Him!


Our pennies, nickels and other spare change are saved monthly in a “Mite Box” and brought to each meeting.  Gathered together they do great things and help support the LWML and all of its entities.  Twenty-five cents of every dollar goes to the international treasury while the remainder stays in the MN South District.


Further information can be found on the Minnesota South District website, or you may contact Ruth Bury with questions.

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