Sowing Seeds of Faith

Type_BkgSeeds, like people, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are quite amazing and exotic, while others are more ordinary. But all seeds must somehow be planted if they are to grow. We may nurture and care for those we love. But only God can make them grow.Download Seed Planting Instructions


Tall and strong, reaching to the Heavens and providing nourishment for ourselves and our neighbors. We can grow strong and feed our faith through the Bible and the Word of Christ.


Fresh herbs can add flavor and interest to soups, salads, pasta, stir fry, rice, etc. Studying and learning about the life and teachings of Christ adds incredible flavor and purpose to a life that may, otherwise, seem flavorless.


Small, crisp and spicy eaten plain with salt or gives texture and crunch to salads. Even small things, when done through Christ, can add flavor and zest to your life and the lives of those around you.


Provides water to gardens for strong healthy growth.  Through Water (Baptism) and The Word (studying the Bible), we can grow ever stronger in our Faith and Commitment to God.


Tall, bold and bright ever reaching and turning their heads to the sun. If we keep our heads and hearts turned toward the SON, we will grow ever stronger in faith.


Wild, tangly and unkempt but, with proper care, the tomato bears abundant, sweet, juicy fruit. Even though our lives may seem wild, tangled and without order, we can, with faith in Christ, change ourselves and bear sweet, beautiful fruit that will nourish ourselves and those around us.

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