LHM – April 2015 Message

Sing to The Lord

Why are we celebrating during the saddest time of the Church Year?  Jesus Christ, Son of God, King of Kings willingly died for us.  He gave up His life for our sins to be forgiven.  As we hear the words of Jesus, we know it will not be for long.

Even as we sing the Hosannas of Palm Sunday, we know His salvation is complete.  We will pray on Maundy Thursday and cry on Good Friday, we know the church choir is rehearsing for Easter Sunday.  While we sing somber tunes, we proclaim the words of glory.  You may be getting tired of the dark colors on the altar.  You may be missing the Alleluias in worship.  But just wait, we are just warming up for triumphant rejoicing.  His victory has been won.

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