Maifest Silent Auction – 2016

We aren’t expecting anyone to fill & make a basket by themselves.  What we are looking for are the items that go into them.  Then, we have 3 nights the week of Maifest that the baskets are put together.  Basket building is always a fun night, and the more people there the better!  Times and dates will be posted later.

Below is a list of items that are popular, and that are always needed.  If you have something in mind that isn’t listed and are not sure if it will work, just ask Ruth or Sue.

Homemade jams & jellies, salsa, etc                                     MN grown maple syrup & wild rice
Fine chocolates & candies that are packaged                       Coffee & tea:  bags, k cups, sample size, any!
Candy bars:  any size from mini to xl                                    Tortilla chips & dips
Pasta & bread for Italian baskets                                            Bottled drinks

Basket filler fluff:  shredded bags & paper
Baskets & containers to use:  picnic baskets, cute fabric tote bins, large shoe boxes, tool box
Basket liners:  we use fabric, cloth napkins, large doilies
Brown grocery bags:  used to fill the bottom of the baskets if they are deep

Small cute designed notebooks, cute writing pads, journals
Drink coasters
Wine stoppers
Embroidered items
Dish towels
Vintage linens
Antique books of any language
Homemade birdhouses
Plants:  perennials and bulbs:  labeled with name & sun/shade.  Bring the Friday before Maifest so they       are fresh.  Please just let us know beforehand so that we have an idea how many to expect and to plan for spots for them when we are laying out the auction items.

Games, puzzles, Crayola items, balls, books, dolls, sport items.  Pretty much anything kid!  It can either be an item that will be on its own, or a small item that will work with others in a basket.

Anyone who has German, Austrian or Swiss items they wish to dispose of, we would be happy to include them in the silent auction baskets. Items must be in good condition and can be dropped off at St. Peter in a weather resistant package (garbage bag).  You may also call or email St. Peter to set up pickups.  Bavarian clothing also accepted.

If you have any questions, please contact Ruth Bury or Sue Eickschen.

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