LHM – September 2021 Message


The fact God loves you makes Him pretty unique. You know that some of our thoughts
and things we do make us not so lovable. The world is full of false gods that are incapable
of caring. You don’t know what you can believe. You want and look for a truth that does
not change.

Here’s the good news. God, the true God, knows everything about us. God wants you
to know He loves you. The truth you search for will change your life. The Spirit of God, with
all His love and grace, is reaching out to you. God is showing you another way, a better
way. The way that offers true and total peace. A simple hymn we learned a long time ago
in Sunday school shows God’s love for us. It proclaims God’s offer of comfort and salvation.
We praise God because we are thankful for what He has done for us through the sacrifice
and resurrection of His son, Jesus. God wants you to know when you believe in Jesus, our
sins are forgotten. Your conscience can be at rest.

As we take our first steps as believers, a life of learning and growing lies ahead it is
not an easy walk. When we stumble along the way, and we will, we repent of our sins.
We recognize the darkness in our old lives.

Our Savior continues to be kind to us. Kindness is a virtue. It is one of the fruits of the
Spirit. It is difficult to be kind to those who are unkind to us. ”With kind and gentle hearts”,
we can forgive as He has forgiven us. Be kind and compassionate to one another. Every
good deed, every thoughtful action, every act of kindness comes from a heart filled with
faith, hope, and love. A heart, touched by the abundance the Lord has freely given, has
a way of blessing the giver and multiplying the gift. All Christians are called to reach out
beyond their own walls and into the community. As workers, on the mission field, giving
the message of hope in the lives of hurting people. The Spirit is at work in a joyful heart.

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