LHM – February 2022 Message

Lenten Impressions

Lent is a sobering reminder of our salvation. It is a season of reflection of how our Lord Jesus suffered on our behalf and endured in His body the abuse we deserve for our transgressions. He died for us and rose from the grave for us. He calls us now to bring our every need to Him.

The Lenten season is a quiet time; a time to recognize the stillness. ” Be still and know that I am God ”(Psalm 46:10). We need times of quiet and peace; time to grow and time to become strong. We need time to learn wisdom and grow close to God. The Church assumes a prayer filled character. The Church season’s color is purple; a color often associated with sadness. It is a time of repenting and confessing our sins to God. It is an opportunity to reflect on our own Baptism and what it means to live as a child of God. Many Christians practice giving up bad habits or fasting during Lent. It is a way of remembering and personalizing the great devotion that Christ made on the cross for our sins. This sacrifice benefits our personal faith and a healthy life.

The Lenten season begins Ash Wednesday Mar. 2,2022. Lent comes from an Old English word ”lencten”which means Spring. Lent begins in the Winter and into Spring, to Maundy Thursday, Apr. 14,2022, the start of the Easter Sunday weekend. During these 40 days, listen to the words of Jesus. He invites all of us; the good, the bad and the ugly. Find that quiet space and reflect on God’s profound love. It’s in God’s words. Reflect on what His Word has to say. Meditate on His truths. Ask God how you can better serve Him. Seek the Holy Spirit’s help and invite the Lord into every minute of your daily life. Despite our fears, our doubts, our desperations, and our angers, He will not give up on us. He gives us the strength to overcome evil, resist temptation, calm our selfish nature and open our hands to live a giving life. We are in need today. By the Holy Spirit’s sanctifying power, our homes and hearts filled with Heaven’s peace.

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