LHM – August 2015 Message

In Christ

In Jesus Christ, there is life.  In Him, we have the shelter of forgiveness to save us from eternal death.  Because of His death and resurrection for you, because of His work of life proclaimed to you, today you can, by faith, be in Jesus Christ.  The apostle Paul says being “in Christ” is vital for your life, now and forever.  “For in Him, we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28).  Your Savior comes to you with His grace, mercy, and peace.  He comes to seek you and to save you.  He rescues you so you can have life in Him.  In Christ, for life, now and forever.

The Orphan Grain Train partnered with the 5th grade students of St. Clair Public School, St. Clair, MN.  The students saw the need of children in Ojoche, Nicaragua.  The kids have been finding ways to share their time and blessings for 3 years and the Orphan Grain Train handled the delivery.

The Minnesota South Branch of the Orphan Grain Train delivered the quilts and Sunday school materials to the Crow Indian Reservation at Lodge Grass, Montana.  Pastor Dan Jacobs acknowledged the wonderful gifts for the children and families.

The Wisconsin Style Fish Dinners are planned for August 23, at First Lutheran Church in Glencoe and September 27, at Mayer Lutheran High School.  We are looking forward to a great turn out.

Thank-you to each and every one of our hard working volunteers.

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