LHM – September 2018 Message

God’s Gift of Vision

Walt Disney died five years before Walt Disney World opened.  It now covers 43 acres and has four theme parks, two water parks, 27 hotels, golf courses, camping areas and more.  When opened in 1971, someone said, “It’s too bad Disney didn’t live long enough to see this.”

An official replied, “Walt DID see this, his vision created this, that’s why it’s here!”

That’s the power of vision.  God’s ordained vision focuses us beyond self and circumstance, motivating people to action.  Godly vision is comprised of two features.  First: Perception, the ability to see circumstances with clarity.  The ability to see clearly is a gift from God.  Second: Foresight, the ability to see what might be.  Those with foresight focus on what is ahead.

Consider two questions.  First: What do you perceive?  The world forces would have us think we are insignificant, but the Church is at the center of all that is happening.  Making disciples of Jesus are at the very heartbeat of world events.  Can you see it?

Second: What do you think the world will look like in one or two generations?  With absolute certainty, only God has the accurate answer.  Instead, ask the question: How would God like the world to look?  In 1 Timothy, we read that God wants all people “to be saved and to learn the truth.”  New believers in Jesus connected to congregations to be nurtured and encouraged.  New generations engaged in spirit-led conversations that encourage lives of faith in Jesus as the only way to salvation.

Lutheran Hour Ministries will provide resources, support and encouragement to reach thousands of people who will reach thousands of more people.  Every nation, every language, all the people will have the opportunity to see this world with vision that only comes from God.  As Christians, you are part of what God is doing through the Lutheran Laymen’s League-Lutheran Hour Ministries.  Pray for the gift to ‘perceive’ Jesus Christ in the middle of everything the Lutheran Hour Ministries is doing and the ‘foresight’ to see future generations bringing Christ to the entire world.  Remember and look forward to seeing how the Lord will work through us.

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