LHM – October 2019 Message

Be Ready to Listen

Hearing God’s voice is something we all wish.  The truth is God wants you to hear His voice.  Hearing the voice of God is as natural as a best friend talking to you.  We can hear His voice every day, if we are ready to listen.  It’s possible you are hearing Him already, for it may be God Himself giving you the longing to hear Him.  You may begin to recognize things you did not even know you were looking.

The Bible is not just a book written by men, it is God’s living, breathing and active Word.  The evidence of archaeology, history, fulfilled prophecy and person testimony over thousands of years overwhelmingly points to the fact that the Bible is God’s Word.  The more you read the Bible; the more things will jump out at you.  This is a sign that the Holy Spirit is at work, trying to communicate God’s message to you.  The Bible tells us “your daughters shall prophesy; old men shall dream dreams and young men shall see visions.” (Joel 2:28) God will speak through dreams and visions.  Sometimes our dreams challenge us about things in our heart we leave unattended.  When we understand what God is saying to us, we can communicate with Him in a new way and live His purpose.

We may hear His voice when we pray.  It’s easy to talk and present our requests to God, but truly listening requires discipline.  It is important that we hear the Holy Spirit and recognize the ways God is speaking and working through us.  Prayer is important as it can open us up to hearing what God has to say to us.  When we pray, we learn to listen better.  Pray that God will give you a hearing heart to listen.  Sometimes when we are facing troubles, we find ourselves so far away from God that we can’t hear Him.  We tune God our because we don’t like the answers, He is giving us.  We are not only doubting ourselves, but also doubting God.  When God is trying to reveal something to you, He will begin to adjust your hearing.  Recognize your weaknesses and know your strengths, it is important to listen to God’s voice.  Our Lord Jesus, by His Holy Spirit, is blessing our efforts to accomplish His mission.

As Christians, you are prat of what God is doing through The Lutheran Hour Ministries.  Your gifts and prayers make a very real impact on this ministry each day.  Remember the Lutheran Hour Ministries and look forward to seeing how the Lord will work through us.

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