LHM – October 2014 Message

Do You Hear It?

The Apostle John proclaimed the risen Savior Jesus Christ.  Jesus delivers His message of love and grace to us.  He declares “everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”  Please know that we not only get to receive this message, but as believers, we get to share it too.  As we receive God’s Good News, each of us as a unique person, in a unique location, with a unique perspective reach out to the people we know and love.  The extraordinary message of an incredible Savior proclaims, “We are never alone.”  Jesus Himself promises, “I am with you always.”

If this message is confusing, give Lutheran Hour Ministries the chance to help you see the Jesus of the Bible.  He who keeps coming for you, and me, translates His grace so that we might believe.  Why, because that’s just who God is, for you, for me, for all.  The Lutheran Hour can be heard every Sunday on radio stations

WCCO (830 AM) at 6:05 am
KRWC (1360 AM) at 7:30 am
KDUZ (1260 AM) at 12:30pm
KDHL (920 AM at 6:00 pm

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