LHM – November 2017 Message

The Best Refuge

Hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and floods.  Years of men and women’s efforts, fatigue, exhaustion and struggle wiped out by nature in only a couple of minutes.  Feelings of anguish, despair, and frustration emerged in the hearts of those who lived through these experiences.

Are these the only disasters we face?  Every day, each one of us might experience a figurative earthquake that come to us in illnesses, financial problems, family crisis and many other ways.  These problems might not destroy the walls of our home, but they can devastate the walls of our heart.  Lack of hope, depression and the fear of an uncertain future can bring us to our knees.

Sin can breakdown our faith, our hope and our happiness.  Satan wants to destroy everything good that our Lord wishes us to have.  When will the fears end?  Where shall we find refuge?  We will find little or no relief in our own strengths.  Self-help books tell us to find ourselves, but experience proves such advice is unreliable.

Trust in the Lord.  God is our refuge and strength.  He is the One who will protect us and give us strength.  Jesus’ life was given so forgiveness might be given to all who believe.  This great God has given us everything we need.  He is the sole source of the protection, encouragement and comfort that fills our lives with hope.  He sustains us even when the world seems to be crumbling around us.

As Christians, you are a part of what God is doing through The Lutheran Hour Ministries.  Your gifts and prayers make a very real impact on this ministry every day.  Remember The Lutheran Hour Ministries and look forward to seeing how the Lord will work through us.

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