LHM – May Message


The Savior has already done great things for you by living, suffering, dying and rising for your Salvation.  But don’t think for a moment, that His rising from the dead is the end of His caring.  He wants you to come to Him with your big worries and little worries.  He wants you to come to Him because it is what you need.  He came into this world to do the small things, like pick up the little children in His arms and bless them.  He came into this world and turned water into wine (John 2:1-12) and fed thousands with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread (Mark 6:30-44).  He might as well made ice cream from brussel sprouts.  Why didn’t He make the deserts bloom and stop the damage from floods, storms, and earthquakes?  Why didn’t He do some real razzle-dazzle miracles?

Jesus did come into this world to do great things, wondrous things, and humanly impossible things.  So we, the lost, the lonely and the lowly, might be rescued by the perfect Son of God who offered Himself as our Substitute.  Jesus presented His life as the perfect sacrifice.  Now because of the incredible grace and love which summarizes the Savior, all who believe in Him are rescued.  Jesus has made it so every sin can be forgiven and every sinner redeemed.  The job saving us was Jesus biggest miracle.

MAIFEST 2014… the wine is ready, so are the root beer and the lemonade.  Many loaves of bread, AND much, much, more will feed the hundreds.  Join us for our annual German celebration at St. Peter.  Accordion and Alphorn church service, Maifest Markt, silent auction, German Schnitzel Dinner, brats, kraut and German beer, authentic music and dance, and children’s games.  It will be an exciting and fun-filled day.

O LORD OF THE LIVING WORD, we pray.  You have graciously told us we cannot live by bread alone.  Our spiritual life is totally dependent upon every Word that proceeds from Your mouth.  Bless us Jesus, You have also gladdened our hearts by telling us the Good News that Your Words are spirit and they are Life!  O LORD, plant into our heart and soul an endless appetite of Your life-giving Word.  And through this Word of Life assure us of Your perfect forgiveness, and Your hope that is eternal.  In Jesus Name, we pray.  Amen.

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