LHM – July 2020 Message

What You’re Getting Into

There has been a slight increase in church attendance in the last few months, online attendance.  Viewing a worship service online or listening to a radio program, that is one thing.  Becoming personally involved with a group of people in worshiping communities is something else.  Church membership, with all the rights and privileges?  No, we are talking about a relationship with Jesus.  What does that involve?  Read the Bible, the New Testament.  Read the Gospel of Matthew; it is a biography of Jesus.  Jesus gave a famous speech and it directly answers the questions.  What would I be getting into if I were to be around Jesus, to be a follower of Jesus?  What would I be getting into if I were a disciple of Jesus Christ?

Jesus went public with His message and was regularly surrounded by crowds of people.  They wanted to see what He was all about.  The crowds were not committed, and the scribes and the Pharisees did not trust Him.  They did not believe He is the Jewish Messiah.  The King chosen by God to usher in a new world of blessing and peace.  The scribes and Pharisees did not want to belong to Jesus.  They would not admit that Jesus is the only One that can save them.  Being a disciple of Jesus is a grace-based belonging, it is like an adoption.  You hear Jesus and you trust Him.  You come out from the crowd and follow Him.  A disciple is committed to Jesus.  They walk with Him; they live with Him.  They eat together and do life together.  They watch their Teacher and learn from Him.  That is what you would be getting into to follow Jesus and become His disciple.

Jesus will not give up on what He loves.  Jesus loves people and love life as God intended.  He wants you and me to participate in this life, described by God’s Law.  It is the law of love for God and love for neighbor.  Jesus loves this law; it reflects His own nature as God’s Son.  When He died on the cross, He took the burden of God’s Law upon Himself because He loves people.  He came back from the dead, to coach us in the life He loves, as God intended.  Jesus claims you if you are poor in spirit, like family.  Jesus said, “Blessed are you, poor in spirit, because yours is the Kingdom of God.”  He will not give up on you however long it takes.  He will keep coaching you to greatness.

Remember the Lutheran Hour Ministries and look forward to seeing how the Lord will work through us.  Your gifts and prayers make a very real impact on this ministry every day.

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