LHM – January 2021 Message

God With Us

Beginning on Sunday Nov.29, 2020, we entered the season of the church called Advent; through Christmas Dec 25, 2020. The 12 days of Christmas season begins and runs to Jan.6, 2021. It’s the day your true love gives you 12 drummers drumming. It’s the unofficial last day to return that unwanted Christmas gift. By now, most people have finally given up and quit that last New Year’s resolution. To the Lutheran Church, Jan. 6, 2021 begins the season of Epiphany. Epiphany is defined as a revealing; a manifestation; or as an enlightenment. It is known as the Gentile Christmas because when Jesus was born only the Jewish folk knew. Mary and Joseph were Jewish. The priests were Jewish and the shepherds were Jewish. Epiphany is the day we celebrate the three wise men. The new star guided them to Bethlehem and the little baby lying in the manger. They brought gifts. Seeing the newborn King, they bowed and worshipped the messiah. With the arrival of Magi, Jesus meets the world. God, going on record, telling all of us His Son, our Savior, has come to give Himself as sacrifice to win forgiveness and salvation for all people. Think back to all the things that have happened to you since the beginning of 2020. Some of us have lost their job; some have lost everything. Some have said good-by to family or friends. Some have been very ill or suffered horrible hurts. Will next year be different? Let us walk by faith into 2021, giving thanks to God for His compassion and righteousness. We repent and believe. We ask in prayers. Renew our hearts and minds, fulfill us in hope, faith, wisdom and love.

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