LHM – December 2019 Message

Call His Name Jesus

The church divides the year into different seasons that emphasize the life of Christ and the life of the church.  Sunday, December 1, 2019 will begin the season the church year called Advent.  Advent is the season of preparation and leading up to Christmas and continuing to Epiphany, January 6, 2020.  The focus of Advent is two-fold.  On the one hand, we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who came into the world as both God and man so that our sins might be forgiven.  On the other hand, we anticipate the day when Jesus will return to Earth and bring an end to this world.  Those will be scary days, but we can look forward to the end of the world with hope because through faith, the end of this world will mean the beginning of a new life with Christ for eternity.

Lutheran Hour Ministries Advent devotions for 2019 provide an often-told story in fresh new ways.  During the Christmas season, we focus on that moment in time when God became one of us.  This miracle of miracles-this most unlikely story-begins with the Christ Child-God in the flesh-who was born poorly, humbly, vulnerably into this world of sin and darkness.  Advent is a time for us to repent and believe.  Knowing that Jesus was born to forgive our sins, we repent (admit our failures to God) and believe that we are forgiven because of the death and resurrection of Jesus on our behalf.  Also, knowing that Jesus is coming back, we repent and believe that when He returns, He will give us eternal life.

CALL HIS NAME JESUS offers and excellent learning opportunity to complement Bible Study.  Advent devotional messages can be received as an email subscription throughout the holidays via lhm.org/adventdevotions and can also be read online.  Daily Devotions from LHM will strengthen and encourage your faith as you do the same for others.  Christmas marks the point in human history where God’s long declared promise of redemption was fulfilled in the birth of Jesus.

As Christians, you are part of what God is doing through the Lutheran Hour Ministries.  Your gifts and prayers make a very real impact on this ministry each day.  Remember the Lutheran Hour Ministries and look forward to seeing how the Lord will work through us.

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