LHM – August 2014 Message


Christ is risen.  He is risen indeed and by His spirit there is a voice for us.  A voice that proclaims the truth, truth that transforms our very lives.  We have plenty of voices in our lives.  Voices that cry out to us as we live our lives.  Each day we hear wonderful voices, such as the sound of a beautiful singer, children playing, family and friends and what is more wonderful than a mother’s voice.  You might have these good voices in your life right now, but there are also compelling voices that are not good for us at all.  There are terrible voices that speak doubt, pain, uncertainty, and fear into our lives.  They can cause a sense of sadness and joylessness into times of blessing and gladness.  The voices of the world, the broken voices of our sinful nature will dash our hopes and drain our confidences.  Our hearts slow down.  Life is drained from us.  But when our Lord and Savior speaks to us with His everlasting love, our hearts quicken again with new life and true joy.  It is very important today that you listen to the right voices in your life.  God’s voice declares Good News to you.  The voice of truth says “I want you.  I love you.  I have redeemed you.  You matter to me.  I live so that you too may live forever.”  You are a child of God, bought with the blood of Jesus who gave His life for you on the cross.  Through the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, you receive the gift of forgiveness and restored life.  Did you hear the voice of your Father in heaven today?  Will you believe Him?  Will you let God silence the destructive voices in your life?  Will you allow God to speak His grace into your life today?  Will you be that encouraging voice of grace to others, too?  What voice will you be listening to today?  Trust in God, for His truth transforms your life and mine, now and forever.  BELIEVE IT!!!

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