LHM – April 2019 Message

Through Another Man’s Eyes

A friend got his first pair of glasses when in the third grade.  For the next two years, he refused to wear them because of the way they made him look.  His Dad was in the military, and they lived in Colorado.  His Dad got a new assignment and they had to move the summer before my friend began 6th grade.  As they were moving, he decided he would start wearing his glasses because the new classmates would not know what he looked like without the glasses.  As they were leaving Colorado, he put on his glasses.  What was a blurry mass of brown and green, snapped into a vibrant relief and definition.  His eyes could not believe what he was seeing and missing, just because he was worried about his image.

Remember the story in the Bible about the blind beggar; the 9th chapter in the book of John.  Jesus told the blind man, “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”  Jesus spit on the ground and rubbed the mud in the man’s eyes and told him to wash.  He washed and came back seeing.  When the Pharisees heard of the miracle, they were filled with doubt; no one has ever opened the eyes of a blind man.  Some people see Jesus as a beloved child of God, other people see past Him and others see Him as cursed.

People see the blind man as only a beggar, Jesus sees him as a brother.  Jesus sees you.  He looks not at your shame and past your sin.  He sees you as the person He created you to be.  He embraces you with the power to see life as He sees.  He guides you and walks with you until the day when faith gives way to sight.  “Lord, lead me on life’s way; I know you will strengthen my steps toward home.  Take my hand, lead me on life’s way; I know you will strengthen my steps toward home.  Take my hand, lead me unto the end.” Amen

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; great is your faithfulness.  As Christians, you are part of what God is doing through The Lutheran Hour Ministries.  Your gifts and prayers make a very real impact on this ministry every day.  Look forward to seeing how the Lord will work through The Lutheran Hour Ministries.

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