The Miracle Worker

Date(s) - 04/23/16
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Mayer Lutheran High School Drama Presents:  The Miracle Worker   by William Gibson
Friday and Saturday, April 22  and 23 @ 7 pm
Sunday, April 24 @ 2 pm
Presented with special arrangements by Samuel French, Inc.

Born a perfectly bright, healthy child, Helen Keller is now blind and deaf due to a serious illness as a toddler. Locked in her silent world, she is frustrated, aggressive, and spoiled by her parents to keep her calm. In desperation the Keller family hires Anne Sullivan to attempt communication and education for Helen. Once blind herself, Anne is determined to find the key that will open the potential in Helen. Through her persistence, love, and sheer stubbornness she hopes to finally break through Helen’s wall of silence and bring her into the world at last.

Helen Keller: Kiya Bakken
Anne Sullivan: Clara Snow
Captain Keller: Riley Thomas
Kate Keller: Katelyn Shipler
James Keller: Alex Telford
Dr. Anagnos: Jon Chapa
Viney: Sarah Johnson
Aunt Ev: Makenna Taylor
Percy: Jack Heinlein
Martha: Michaela Wilaby
Jimmie: Jimmy Switch
Doctor/Asylum Doctor: Andrew Pehl
Servant/Asylum Worker: Josh Marlatt
Blind Girls/Asylum Patients:
Jessica Peterson, Carly Stramer, Megan Thomas, Esther Kelzer

Mayer Lutheran High School

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