Maifest Wrap Up Meeting

Date(s) - 05/27/16
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

All committee heads and Stewardship members are asked to attend, but anyone who has an interest or commentary is encouraged to attend as well.

CHILDREN & SPOUSES ARE WELCOME. Larissa Gust and Gabbi Karjala will be on hand to watch over the younger kiddos.

Pizza will be served along with leftover Maifest beverages.  (Maifest will be covering the costs).

We anticipate that the meeting will be fairly brief and the fellowship long so please come out and share your thoughts and comments on a great day.

If you can not attend please send comments to Ron Gust by Thursday May 26, so they may be discussed at the meeting.

Also please confirm that you will attend and give us a number of adults and kinder so enough pizza may be purchased.

Most things are put back together but the narthex and classrooms need some reassembly and sprucing up, so if you are able please take a bit of time and lend a hand.

St Peter Lutheran Church

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