December 2016


“I have the firm conviction that I am immortal till my work is done.”  These arresting words were spoken by Lottie Moon, missionary to China, 100 years ago.  They call to mind the fundamental faith question that we almost never consider.  Most of us accept the fact of our salvation … Continue Reading

LHM – December 2016 Message


Holiday Survival Guide Who isn’t overloaded with seasonal stress?  With too many tasks on your to-do lists, clamoring crowds everywhere you go, the pressure of doing everything perfectly, the frequent friction found in family visits (try saying that 10 times fast), who isn’t on the edge of turning into a … Continue Reading

November 2016


One Minute Message The third chapter of Colossians is a favorite for people feeling the effects of stress and conflict in their lives.  It came to mind last night when I watched the third and final debate between the two contestants in the presidential election that will be decided on … Continue Reading