LHM – March 2017 Message

TECHNOLOGY AND THE GOSPEL Recent studies show the traditional trails on which people are led to faith and church are growing narrower.  Fewer families are active in a church, fewer parents acknowledge the Bible as a reliable source of information and guidance for living.  Unchurched people have fewer friends who … Continue Reading

LHM – February 2017 Message

October 2016 marked the 100th anniversary of the Lutheran Laymen’s League/Lutheran Hour Ministries.  100 years of God’s people coming together to do whatever it took to love their neighbor and to communicate God’s message of mercy.  They were creative, innovative, and continually trying to understand their neighbor’s needs.  They created … Continue Reading

LHM – December 2016 Message

Holiday Survival Guide Who isn’t overloaded with seasonal stress?  With too many tasks on your to-do lists, clamoring crowds everywhere you go, the pressure of doing everything perfectly, the frequent friction found in family visits (try saying that 10 times fast), who isn’t on the edge of turning into a … Continue Reading